Also this self-portrait I messed with, quite like to make a 3/4 colour print of this. It still has all my major bits, lopsided mouth and gormless expression.

This is ages old, was meant to be drawing my mate a tattoo design of a bull, kinda like this though.

The loneliest cover ever. I am playing all instruments and harmonising (poorly) with myself. Proud of the arrangement and 2 guitar, 2 banjo and mandolin parts though.

Late night photoshop fanny-around and uncontrollable excitement at the closeness of my Louisiana return. Weird though.

TWO WEEKS TODAY. Im’a be all over Louisiana like a rash. Still not made myself a Mardi Gras tshirt yet though.

trying out some designs for my Mardi Gras tshirt because did I mention I’M BACK IN LOUISIANA IN LESS THAN A MONTH!

Made another mix with album art/insert. Kasabian’s homecoming gig and I’ve got myself a ticket awwww yeaaaaah.

had a go at printing wrapping paper with a stamp I made. Took ages.

“got polyglots who’ll molly whop you ‘till your body pop”
— Jean Grae doesn’t do filler. This is my new favourite line of the year.

To make myself get up early in the morning I’ve set myself various little tasks, one is making a monthly mixtape of songs I’ve been listening to complete with homemade packaging/inserts and cover. Here is #1 Decembermix.

Second go at leatherworking. Proper fun to do.


Loved being an active alumni last night #americanstudies #thanksgiving #50years #uniofhull

my first attempt with my charity shop leatherworking kit, absolutely loving it.

got my hands on a quality old chopping board and decided to try pyrography again, a portrait of one of the greatest songwriters of all time.